Our Squadron is for all Marines who are or were part of Marine Air Command and Control. The name honors a small team of Marines who created an all weather bombing system in 1949 at Point Magu, California that evolved to become the Air Support Radar Team (ASRT). The equipment was sent to the Korean War as part of the 1st MAW, 1st MTACS. The radio call sign was Devastate Charlie. We are part of the Marine Corps Aviation Association. Click on the MCAA logo below for more information or to join. If you want to post stories or photos send them to craighullinger@gmail.com Semper Fi

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Space A to Europe ?

Riding a C-117 to Europe, we hope. We are at the Charleston Air Force Base trying for a Space A trip. We made it out to the plane yesterday before the mission was changed. Will try again tonight.

I wanted to go to Asia but my wife wanted Europe. We compromised and are going to Europe.