Our Squadron is for all Marines who are or were part of Marine Air Command and Control. The name honors a small team of Marines who created an all weather bombing system in 1949 at Point Magu, California that evolved to become the Air Support Radar Team (ASRT). The equipment was sent to the Korean War as part of the 1st MAW, 1st MTACS. The radio call sign was Devastate Charlie. We are part of the Marine Corps Aviation Association. Click on the MCAA logo below for more information or to join. If you want to post stories or photos send them to craighullinger@gmail.com Semper Fi

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Colonel Marion Cranford Dalby, USMC

...a tribute…a dedication…to a friend, a leader, a Marine

In ones life, you meet many men and women…most of them are friendly, modestly intelligent, interesting and a pleasure to have as an acquaintance or a friend. If you are extremely fortunate, you will meet one or two individuals who will truly, positively affect your career…cause you to lift and reset your goals and objectives …and literally change your life. 

As one grows older and has essentially “completed the career game”, one often looks back over the years and wonders what your life would have been like, if you had not met such an influential individual… for awhile you think about “what might have been” …then you suddenly stop…your mind “smiles” and you feel that “rosy glow” as it warms your thoughts…for more than a few moments you savor the memories and then say to yourself…“wasn’t that a wonderful experience”. 

I don’t know what my life would have been like if I had not met Cranford Dalby, but I am so pleased that I did. So now you know why I dedicate this modest story to the most outstanding Marine I met during my twenty some years in the Corps.

I wanted you to know more about Marion Cranford Dalby... the leader and the one most responsible for the development of the  bombing system. He was our leader, then a Captain at Pt. Mugu in 1949... one of the most energetic , intelligent officers I have ever known. After flying dive bombers in WWII, and years after his MASRT experience...he headed as project during the Vietnam developing a "Bluebook" for the Navy... a book that cataloged every type of "Junk" sailing the Vietnam coast.. made it easy to identify the home port., hence "enemy" or "friendly"... Google JUNK BLUE BOOK for more info

He was a man, take him for all is all
I shall not look upon his like again

William Shakespeare

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